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Link Gallery

August 20, 2022 - January 15, 2023:Beyond the Surface: Haptek Labs and the Erie Canal

Haptek Lab, an interdisciplinary art research group made up of artists and designers is working at the intersection of art, design and technology. The current project is attempting to print a drone image of the Erie Canal onto raw ceramic (clay) panels with a robot. The project is a collaboration with Buffalo, NY Architecture firm Boston Valley Terracotta, Syracuse University, Ryerson University (Toronto), CalPoly, Hapteklab, CNY-Arts, and the Erie Canal Museum.

Weighlock Gallery

May 15 - October 31, 2022:Infrastructure of Empire

The Erie Canal was the engineering marvel of its day, but has had far reaching consequences that could never have been imagined. In this upcoming exhibit we will explore how the canal was built, how it has changed the physical and social layout of the region, and how it continues to influence New York State.
This exhibit is made possible with support from Humanities New York.