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Link Gallery

January 18-May 7, 2020:It's Knot Art

Syracuse-based artist Ellen Agnew grew up in Kennebunkport, Maine, where she collected shells and stones on the seashore. After moving to central New York, Ellen returned to Maine frequently and began collecting rope knots she found washed up onshore. She uses these bits of found materials to create "It's Knot Art," a showcase of unique abstract fiber art.

Weighlock Gallery

February 3-April 16, 2020:The Story of Water: The Erie Canal as a Site of Untold Stories

"The Story of Water" is a collaborative project between Linda Zhang, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Ryerson University, and Biko Gray, Assistant Professor of Religion at Syracuse University. This exhibit features clay vessels based on 3-D drone scans of Erie Canal structures, transformed by the introduction of Canal water before the firing process. The resulting clay models symbolize the transformative effects, positive and negative, that the Erie Canal had on the lives of those who built it, used it, and lived near it.