Along the Erie Canal Lyons NY c.1910 (069)



Framed Giclee Prints. The original photos were taken on black & white film approximately 90-100 years ago. They were then hand-colored by artists from that era in beautiful soft tones. Not pastel, but not as brilliant or garish as a modern-day color photograph. The coloring compliments the fact that the original photos were taken 100 years ago.

The original photos are scanned into a computer where any defects like scratches, rips, dirt, etc. are removed. Final Giclee prints are then made using high-resolution files and commercial grade inkjet printers. Giclee (pronounced “gee-clay”) prints are hard to distinguish from original artwork and are well accepted in museums and galleries throughout the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), to name a few. The paper and inks used have archival qualities and should not show fading for 100 years or more.

The prints are coated with 2 coats of Giclee varnish and mounted on 3/8in. foamcore. The finished product includes clear Plexiglas in front of the picture, a dust cover on the back of the frame and a hanging clip. Overall frame size is 12″ x 18″. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.